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Why top travel

Why Top Travel?

The unforgettable vacation experience, the unbeatable prices, the exclusive customer service is what attracts our loyal customers most and brings in new customers.

No request is too large, no detail is too small when you choose us. To ensure truly carefree and effortless travel, we go beyond and above your expectations- the only thing you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your vacation.

Let’s understand why Top Travel is the right choice when it’s time to plan your next trip


Single agency, multiple solutions

Top Travel is here to understand your needs, likes and preferences. We listen to what you want and then carefully design an individual trip to match, working to your budget and with an absolute commitment to quality. We have genuine experts for each and every one of our destinations, expertise that comes from having traveled many times or lived there. Our specialists will design a trip around you, show you the highlights in a different light, and introduce you to places and experiences that others might miss. Simply contact us and let our specialists work on your request. Save your time and let us do the hard work for you.


Competitive pricing, quality travel

Regardless of the type of vacation, a good travel company should always offer good value – you should not pay unrealistic amounts for your trips. We offer a straightforward and competitive approach to pricing.

Every client is a VIP at Top Travel. You get great advice, customer service, various options and extensive service all included in your price without the hassle of organizing it yourself. We are proud of our efficiency and the ability to ‘make it happen’.


Expert knowledge, correctly organized trips

The professional travel designers offer travel destinations already customized to sate your wanderlust and make your travel unique in the best way possible.  We take the time to understand you, your likes, dislikes, must-haves and also your budget. There's not just one way to travel. There are just as many different ways to explore a new place as there are travelers in the world. Our expertise comes from being in the industry for a very long time,  from having traveled to almost all destinations that we offer, and from having great partnerships all over the world.


Skillful negotiations, rational solutions

Which hotel, villa or airline to choose, what is the best option, where to find the best price? Don’t worry, Top Travel is by your side. We will settle all the necessary negotiations and offer solutions in your favor. This comes from our professionalism, settled business relationships and many years of experience in the travel industry.


Enjoyable vacations, stress-free planning

Create unforgettable memories, discover the world and have fun. Remember that life is given only once. You travel a few times a year and Top Travel will make sure that every trip is designed so perfect that you will be impatient to have us plan your future trips.